About us

Zhongyi Jewelry & Accessories Co., Ltd. was established in Ningbo in 2007, which specialize in jewelry making supplies and fashion jewelry.

Zhongyi’ s advantages

1. As an important vendor on jewelry and accessories for several large chain stores many years, we have rich experiences in serving for these kinds of customers.

2. We are very experienced in developing collections according to customers’ inspiration.

3. Our collection of designs is convenient for buyers to make decision.

4. Buyers can leave from the boring and exhausted feelings in exhibition trade shows, because we have lots of categories, large quantities of products and support one-stop shopping.

5. Customers’ designers can create and design freely in our big show room with lots of accessories, parts and devices which for producing samples.

What we do

We are striving to be the inspirational leader to inspire the creative spirit in you. Design is most important thing in Zhongyi. We never stop enlarging our design team and improve our design ability.

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