Zhongyi has its special market positioning, so it was growing fastly since it was founded in 2007. Zhongyi provide ODM service in Jewelry Making, Finished Jewelries & craft products. Zhongyi also provide Collection designs for customers. Our main customers are crafts chain stores and importers abroad.                                         

Zhongyi's headoffice is located in Ningbo with 70 staffs in 2017. The wholly owned factory, Yiwu Yunyun Ornaments Factory, is located in Yiwu with more than 100 workers. The factory scale is about 7000sqm, including metal products production, hand-making products, and packaging.    




Zhongyi's showroom is about 700sqm. The showroom is updated very month by new designs. And you can find the newest beads from the market. There is special place for customers to creat your designs. There is new fashion collections for customer to select. And customer can work here to creat your collection. Welcome to visit the showroom, and enjoy your time here.  

Zhongyi's goal is to be the most creative crafts company in China. Zhongyi has strong Design Team, and invested lots of machines for making samples, such as CNC Engraving machines, 3D printers, Digital Printing Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, etc.                  

Scheduling with our sales, we can arrange our designers to work with you to creat your designs or collections together.

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